Why Blind People Wear Sunglasses

There are some people in the world that might wonder why a person who is blind would bother to wear sunglasses, but the reality is that sunglasses are not purely designed to make it easier to see in strong sunlight. If you did not know, they have primarily been designed to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Moreover, for those individuals that are partially sighted, specialized sunglasses might be required to help them see a little better. 

How Sunglasses Protect the Eyes

Regardless of whether a person can see or not, sunglasses are a crucial accessory for bright days. The right pair of shades will block out harmful UV rays, protecting the eyes from damage. However, in the case of a blind person, the eyes are typically more sensitive so sunglasses can help to protect against other sources of bright light as well, such as computer screens or reflections from the sun in a window. 

UV rays can penetrate through the eyeball, and UVA rays can even reach the back of the eye. Sunglasses have a barrier that blocks both UVA and UVB rays from reaching the front and back of the eye.  

Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses in Dim Light? 

You might have seen blind people wearing sunglasses in cloudy conditions and have wondered why this is so. There are a number of reasons for this. While most of us whip out our designer sunglasses during the summer or when on a sunshine vacation, blind people can often be seen with their shades on during the cloudier, winter months when the sun is low in the sky and not so strong. 

Nevertheless, the sun can make an appearance even during the winter months, and it can reflect off various surfaces such as car or store windows. With more sensitive eyes, blind people need the protection that sunglasses provide. 

Another reason blind people might don a pair of sunglasses is to protect their eyes from injury or dust. Because they cannot see, they are more at risk from injury from foreign objects than a sighted person would be. A pair of shades can help to protect the eyes from such debris. 

Helping to Improve Vision

There are even some glasses that can help improve the vision of partially sighted people. While these glasses may look like regular sunglasses to you and me, they are actually specialized glasses that have been designed to filter out a lot of light, which in turn increases contrast and makes some images easier for the wearer to see. Colors and shapes are also easier to distinguish with these glasses. 

Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses Inside? 

Some blind people prefer to wear their sunglasses inside as well as outside, and again, there are a variety of reasons for this. As mentioned already, some blind people are overly sensitive to light and prefer to wear sunglasses inside during daylight hours to protect their eyes against reflections on glass or other shiny surfaces. 

Others feel less self-conscious when they are wearing their shades. Some partially sighted people struggle to maintain eye contact when conversing with others, so wearing sunglasses means they can avoid the discomfort associated with this. 

Finding the Perfect Sunglasses

There are many places that sell a range of designer and fashion sunglasses. Companies such as Olympic Eyewear sell bulk sunglasses to retailers at wholesale prices, meaning we the consumer can access these beautiful accessories at an affordable price from the retailers they supply. 

Even so, those who are blind or partially blind may need a specialized pair of sunglasses. These are usually accessed through an optometrist and prescribed after a thorough eye examination.