Diwali 2021 Gift Options: 7 Amazing Gifting Options to Pamper Your Loved Ones

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November is here! Marked as an annual event, a Diwali or Deepavali is happening right now. This special moment will not be perfect without gathering around with the people you love the most. Don’t forget, gift them something precious. If you run out of ideas, here, we serve you various gift options you can consider for Diwali 2021.

What is Diwali?

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The word of Diwali might confuse you, especially if you do not belong to an Indian citizen. Well, Diwali that people also call, Deepavali is an annual event that occurs every year, mostly in India as the first country where this event came from.

Deepavali happened of course with some purposes behind it. Inspired by real history, years ago, Deepavali is an event to celebrate the winning of goodness against evil. The good thing, in this case, is being interpreted by light. That makes sense since, in Deepavali, every corner in India will be fulfilled with lights anywhere and any place.

Deepavali is a festival of joy. People in India who are mostly Hindus, named Deepavali as the perfect time to get closer to God. Many believe that this festival happens as a homage to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

With some purposes of goodness, Deepavali later becomes a massive event that goes globally. It does not only occur in its basecamp, India, but in other countries, people also celebrate with. The activities are even similar where those who participate in it gather around with their family, exchanges gifts, prays, and light up lamps and fireworks. It’s such beautiful scenery.

When Diwali 2021 takes time?

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Talking about Deepavali, there’s always something exciting regarding this yearly event. Become the biggest and auspicious festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world, this festival that sparks peace and joy is all Hindus most anticipated.

Although Diwali is an annual event, the date on when it occurs is way different from one year to another year. The exact date each year never be the same because this festival depends on the calendar of Hindu Lunar calendar.

But, mostly, it happens between the end of October or the beginning of November. That’s why the date will not confuse those who participate.

This year, Deepavali 2021 falls on Thursday, November 4 as being observed on the 15th day of the Kartik month, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar.

So, on November 4 this year, during Deepavali 2021, participants clean their house, decorate every corner of the house with lights, flowers, and candles. Lakshmi Puja also becomes a part of this festival.

Diwali 2021 Gift Options

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Speaking of Diwali 2021, this “never getting bored” festival is always fulfilled by joy for anyone who becomes its participant. All Hindus do many things during the event, whether celebrate it with people they love the most or pray to God as a part of homage for Lakshmi.

The most exciting activity during Diwali 2021 is the exchange gift. When visiting your family or colleagues, participants usually bring Diwali gift to be given to the households. That’s why during Diwali, local markets are full of lights, decorative items, clothes, and many more as part of this festival.

Diwali 2021 is the perfect time to showcase your love with a warm-hearted gift that the options are far from limited, so you won’t run out of the idea. Here are Diwali 2021 gifts we recommend to you.

  1. Hamper

We all know that a hamper is suitable for many occasions. This kind of gift is easy to find and comes in beautiful designs that are well-organized.

For Diwali 2021 gift, you can choose a hamper that consists of items to strengthen the relationship with those you love. A bunch of orchid flower Singapore can be your reference since its meaning is perfect with the representation of Diwali itself.

  1. Sweets

Deepavali is not only related to the festival of light. It also something that would increase your appetite. Yup, you can consider gifting your loved one with a packet of sweets as a Diwali gift. Like a hamper, a box of sweets is easy to find, especially in a local sweet shop near your city.

  1. Perfume

A perfume is always successful to attract someone’s appearance and personality. On this special event that only happens once a year, gift your family member or friend with a nice cologne is recommended. This Diwali 2021 gift is perfect for any gender.

  1. Decoration item

India is well-known as the country that produces a lot of beautiful hand-crafted decoration items. Any households who are being given decoration items as Diwali 2021 gift will be glad, especially if they love to decorate every corner of their house.

  1. Dry fruits

Speaking of India, the spices commodity of this country is what affects the nation worth. You can also gift your loved ones with a box of dry fruits. The good thing is, you can customize your package. Cashews, almonds, and raisins are perfect.

  1. Sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi

The most identical thing when it comes to the Deepavali festival is a homage to Goddess Lakshmi. As an event that relates to the approach of the Hindu religion, giving a religious item is not wrong. Try to pack a sculpture of Goddess Lakshmi as a gift.

  1. Jewelry

India’s fashion culture is appealing where it recognizes the use of jewelry that can be found in any woman. That’s why gifting someone with jewelry during Deepavali is recommended.

Where to get Diwali 2021 gifts?

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You can get these items recommendations for Deepavali 2021 at any place, either offline store or online store that has a specialty in crafting a gift for many occasions. You can customize what items to put, make it as a hamper or a bouquet. Want to get the gift as soon as possible? FlowerAdvisor provides you variety of gifts that are already well-packed, so you won’t waste your time as they also deliver them to your address.