Sensual Fragrances for Your Home

Smells of a conversant scent have the ability to recall some forgotten memories and create strong emotions. With this, oils and scented candles are perfect allies. Despite the important role of fragrances over moods, many people still rarely think about aromas or limit its presence in fragrances. Those with a keen sense of smell can use them in subtle and intelligent ways to make their interiors warmer and more welcoming, or even to set the perfect mood for a romantic evening. From orange blossom to exotic jasmine, Bath and Body Works promo code harness the power of these appealing fragrances and create a romantic atmosphere for your next one-on-one date.


Often considered a simple perfume, vanilla nevertheless exerts a sensual power on both men and women. Sweet and calming, the popularity of vanilla in the home fragrance arena is well deserved.


From the same family as ginger, this spice from southern India has long been used in medicine for its digestive, soothing and aphrodisiac properties. The spicy and warm character of cardamom is said to awaken the senses and bring clarity, influencing libido while helping to lose inhibitions.

Orange Blossom

Sweet and honeyed, orange blossom is an essential oil obtained from the white flowers of the orange tree. Commonly used in aromatherapy and in massage oils, orange blossom has soothing and anti-depressant properties already used in ancient Egyptian times to influence mood. Later, Victorian brides would add orange blossoms to their bouquet to bring them good luck on their wedding night. To create the perfect ambiance for your candlelit dinner at home, you can burn orange blossom candles which you can buy with Bath and Body works promo code.


An American study on the effects of certain fragrances on men found that the enveloping scent of pumpkin pie was the most effective in increasing sexual desire. If you do not have the time to cook, opt for a cinnamon candle, with spicy and comforting notes. You can also place cinnamon sticks in decorative bowls around the house.


With its powerful floral scent, the pristine jasmine flower has long been associated with love. It is said to increase happiness and romantic feelings by promoting the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Its exotic scent is renowned for relieving stress while inspiring passion. These reasons are more than enough to motivate you to buy this fragrance with Bath and Body Works promo code and oomph the mood of your loved one.


The light and woody aroma of sandalwood is often present in perfumes and beauty products, as it is said to have soothing and healing properties for the skin. Add a few drops of sandalwood essential oil to your moisturizer to take advantage of its anti-aging properties, or add a few drops in a bath for immediate relaxation.


This pretty herb has long been used to help sleep soundly, but the study that found that the scent of pumpkin pie increased sexual desire indicates that lavender is also very effective in this area. Pour a few drops of lavender essential oil available with Bath and Body Works promo code into a sprayer filled with water and apply to the bed and pillows and feel the magic for yourself.