Know how to choose the best walking shoes

Walking has countless benefits and can even aid you to lose weight when combined with a healthy diet. Yet, you don’t like to log miles in shoes that aren’t perfect for your feet. There are a lot of things to consider when searching for the best womens walking shoes. Walking is an activity that has been done in every type of shoe. There is a broad range of outdoor shoes that can support you hit your stride.

Consider where you plan to walk most of the time. You can narrow your choices for walking shoes into these categories:

  • Hiking shoes- there is a great choice for paths in greenbelts or urban parks and surfaces. Like gravel paths and cobblestone. They also function if you like a pair of shoes for walking and hiking. And if you prefer extra stability or durability.
  • Road-running shoes- these are lightweight shoes that are great for walking at a brisk pace.
  • Trail-running shoes- you can choose these types of shoes for non–paved surfaces. They provide a compromise between the stable build of hiking shoes and the performance of road runners.


When you consider walking shoes, you must focus on these factors:

  • Cushioning

An equal level of cushioning, compared to a big heel cushion, is more comfortable for a lot of walkers.

  • Stability

You like good sideways support, a shoe that you can’t twist or bend easily in your hands.

  • Fit

Having shoes that fit you well is the most vital factor of all. Getting fit by a footwear specialist is your ideal way to do that.

Walking shoe stability

To measure if a shoe has the minimum level of needed stability, try these tests:

  • You must hold the shoe by its heel and flex the toe upward. The shoes must bend at the ball of the foot, not the irregular point halfway along the arch.
  • Grasp the shoe at the toe and heel, then turn it. You like to feel moderate resistance.

Walking-Shoe Fit

Fit overrides all other considerations: reviews, technology, fashion, or recommendations from friends. Correct fit aids prevent bruised heel blisters and toenails. Also, more severe foot problems. Buying a shoe that fits you well is the ideal way to keep your feet happy for miles to come.

Walking Shoe Cushioning

The among of cushioning is a matter of a person’s preference. If you prefer a lot of cushioning, check at road runners or trail runners, compared to hiking shoes. Walking causes a lesser impact on your feet than running, so you can be comfortable with less cushioning. Many walkers want a shoe that’s equally cushioned.

Women’s Best walking shoes

  • Altra Rivera

Made of breathable mesh and lightweight. These walking shoes are flexible yet still, give ample cushioning and shock absorption.

  • New Balance 928v3

New Balance is known for wider widths, this is a great choice if you have a wide foot and experience foot swelling.

  • Saucony Omni 19

A great stable and supportive shoe for women.