Learn About the Best African Clothing for Women

Introduction – 

African clothing, also known as traditional clothing, is mainly worn by the people of Africa. And, one of the amazing things that you will know is that, many of the African clothing has become a vogue these days and people love wearing African clothing, especially the collections for women are wide ranging. Distinct tribes throughout the African continent pride themselves on wearing their national dress. The African dresses are used for various ceremonies and occasions that are special. There are many different styles of African clothing or African dresses for women and the kind of cloth that is used plays an important role in the fashioning of the garment. The society in general and the status of the group or individual is often reflected through the fabric or African clothing.

Best African Women’s Clothing

In some of the cases, the traditional clothes have been changed or influenced by the foreign culture like western popular dress and colonial impact. The inception of modern and olden African traditional dress style is very difficult to trace due to any lack of written word or the actual historical evidence. From various sources, we can get details like traditional clothes being handed down to the tribal members, word of mouth or oral history, theatre, and artefacts that show the representation of the traditional African dresses. Some of the best African clothing for women that you can now shop online are – Shega Women’s Ethnic Cotton Linen Short/Long Sleeves Irregular Dress, Vimoisa Women’s Sexy Boho African Dress: Long Maxi Dress, V-Neck Multi-Way Dress, Pleated Dress, Floral Print, HD Long African Dresses for Women Fashion Beading Rhinestone Kaftan Maxi Dress, There are many different types of beautiful African dresses available online, such as Naimo Women’s Dashiki African Print Romper Split Maxi Dress Bohemian High Waist Long Maxi Dresses.

About Kanga: 

Besides all of that, one of the best parts that you will know about the various kinds of African clothing is the unique print style, which you will not find in any other dresses or clothes. Other best type of traditional African clothing which was initially introduced is that of Kanga. A pair of Kangas can also be presented to the woman or individual as a welcome gift. Kangas plays a very pivotal role in the culture of modern Swahili and you can take the assistance of someone to know how to wear kanga and use them daily.  Kanga can also be called as an African print clothing; it is also known by the name of Leso in Kenya. It is a rectangular shaped apparel which is made of pure cotton and has a print on the cloth with bright colours decorative border around the outside and it comprises of a Swahili proverb.

For Weddings and Birthdays – 

Kanga is mostly bought in pairs of two pieces and joined together; it needs to be cut and sewn, and that’s how the process is. It is very popular in East Africa, where many women wear it daily. Especially for occasions like weddings and birthdays, kangas are very popular gifts. If you are a guest at someone’s home, then they may present you with a pair of Kangas. It is a sign of friendship. It is also said that every woman should own 1,000 Kangas. Also, you should know that kangas are a light and thin cloth compared to kitenge (which is also known as African print fabric, or in other words, “Ankara fabric” in west Africa).