Large cups underwire bra for those who seeks comfort and style

Some bra models offer good support, but end up annoying and can even hurt the skin if they are too tight. Therefore, an alternative for those looking for comfort is the large cups underwire bras from Fit Au Max Lingerie. Guess what, this online store is famous for buying plus size and hard to get bra sizes (30 to 50). In this post, understand the benefits of the Full Figure support bra or underwire bra and check out valuable tips to choose the garment that best matches your style and needs. 

What is a rimless bra?

Underwire bra model (sewn under the fabric and below the breasts) is the most common among women. Nevertheless, there are those who prefer to use the piece without the rim, as it can bother and hurt the skin. Although lace Support bras do not offer as much support for the breast as the underwire bra, this model offers more comfort, as it does not tighten or hurt the bust. Many underwire bra models use the cup, but with a thinner and more anatomical foam. In this way, it continues to contour the bust in a natural way.

What are the benefits of underwire bra?

Now that you already know the characteristics of the underwire large cups Lace bras, we will present its main advantages. 

It does not hurt the skin: Since it does not tighten the body, it brings more comfort to the woman. For this reason, it is also ideal for pregnant women, physical exercise or even as a post-surgical treatment.

It offers support: Many women believe that underwire bras offer more support, but the use of the underwire does not influence safety and support. Well, the differential of support is more associated with the modeling and contours of the base of the bra, fabrics with more elasticity, and cups with greater coverage. 

It does not mark on clothing: The smooth large cups underwire bras are even more discreet without the use of the rim, thus, becoming a second skin.

How to choose the right part

Now that you have learned more about the benefits of the underwire bra, here is how to choose the perfect piece for your style.

Breast size

The best bras for hard to fit cup sizes are the one that fits properly, without too much or too little. For more comfort in the case of large breasts, we recommend to use models with wider cups and greater coverage. 

Purpose of use

We know that when choosing an underwire bra, the main objective sought is comfort. However, there are basic rimless bras, models with support and even more sensual and lacy models. Fit Au Max Lingerie has a line of plus size lingerie that combines beauty, quality and comfort, including underwire bra models.

Comfortable, tight-fitting strapsIf you notice that the handle of the Full Coverage lace bras is neither thin nor thick, which means it gives good support, without leaving the bra gross. It is perfect for those with medium to large breasts who want comfort. When adjusting, she has to stay right following her shoulder. If she presses the breasts down – like dividing the shoulder in 2 – it is wrong.