Tips to Choose the Right Zippers for Your Jackets and Other Clothes

It is not a secret that zippers play a crucial role in the industry of clothing. There are now different types of zipper that you can find in the market depending on different manufacturing methods and materials. This range of options can make confusing to choose correct jacket zippers and zippers for other clothing items.

Choosing the correct zippers will not just add a touch of fashion statement and style to your clothing as it can also help prolong the zipper’s service life. Discussed are some tips on how to shop for clothing zippers on basis of zipper teeth material, strength, and the color and type of clothing.

Zipper Material

Teeth are of great significance as a zipper component. The specific material used for the zipper determines the shape of the teeth, especially the feel and softness, and has a direct effect on the compatibility and the beauty of both the clothing and the zipper itself. Choosing zippers based on the teeth material requires you to fully understand the features of each type of zipper.

  • Metal zippers are the more distinctive zippers due to their metallic finishes once applied to fashion items like jeans. These are durable yet they are not flexible, making them better used for the high-end garments including jeans, leather jacket, and more.
  • Nylon zippers are cheaper, softer, and more flexible than other types of zipper. Due to their durability and flexibility, nylon zippers are mostly used in clothing that has thin fabric such as underwear, lining, dress, and pants.
  • Plastic zippers have relatively high durability and are available in different colors. Manmade diamonds can even be inlaid to the plastic zippers’ surface because of their large teeth. The rigid and large teeth also result in the tab pull-off strength and lower softness that somewhat limits the applications of these zippers. These zippers are often found on garments with thicker fabric, such as down jacket, jacket, uniform, ski suit, and others.

Zipper Strength

Zipper strength, Generally speaking, counts on the zipper size. Simply put, when the size is larger, the strength will also be stronger. But, different zippers made with different materials also have different strength even when their size is the same.

Color of Clothing

The colors of zippers should match the colors of the garment, and there are also color cards for reference such as Pantone Color Card.

Slider, being an important component of zipper, is not only a functional item. A customized slider bearing a special logo puller can add a fashion statement to clothing and can also contribute to brand promotion.

Type of Clothing

Zippers should not only satisfy the requirements for material and strength as they should also fit the function of various parts of clothing. For example, the front fly of pants, dress, and pockets generally requires closed-end zippers, and long coats can adopt two-way open zippers while considering the need to squat. As for skirts and other thin fabrics, the invisible zippers, specifically invisible zippers with lace tape, can be the best option to add a fashion statement to the piece of clothing.