Marriage with travel: tips to get everything right

Different reasons make a couple choose to get married in abroad. Destination wedding in Spain is a trend that has been growing more and more. The most common is when the families are from different places and they choose a neutral destination for the ceremony. One of the advantages of this type of wedding is that the program extends over several days, giving the couple the opportunity to enjoy their guests and their party more.

Choose the space well

The main point before choosing the space is to identify with the energy and atmosphere of the environment. However, it is also important to assess the distance to the airport, thinking about the transfer of guests to the location and nearby hotels so that everyone can settle down. It is not mandatory to visit the place before the big day, but the idea is to visit it at least once.

Disclose all information

In a destination wedding Spain, it is recommended that the bride and groom create a social group in Face book with all possible information, as it is not an event of a few hours, but a three-day event. The group must have all the details, besides the schedules for the days before and after the wedding. If it is in a country with different customs and culture, this information should also be shared.

Pay attention to the date of the invitations

The wedding date must be sent to all guests at least six months in advance so that they know the date and can plan for the trip. The official invitation should be sent out at least two months before the wedding.

Define the accommodations 

Usually the couple decides who will stay with them in the same hotel or resort. Most weddings in another country do not have the presence of a judge or a clergyman. Many couples choose a family member or friend as the celebrant.

Hire a good ceremony 

This service helps guests with information about transportation, accommodation and event schedules. It is also important for the ceremonialist to meet local suppliers to help the bride and groom organize the event. Both the bride and groom, and the guests must arrive at least one day before the wedding. If it is an international destination, the recommendation is that they arrive three days earlier, even to give time to enjoy the place.


If you and your bride are considering exchanging vows on a tropical beach or in an exotic location, you may be interested in knowing which wedding destinations are more popular other than in your country. Spain is the perfect destination for a wedding thanks to its climate and the wide selection of incredible wedding venues. Spain has strict requirements for marriage. For this reason, many couples who want a destination wedding get married first at home and then have a symbolic ceremony in Spain.

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